How do you connect a custom email domain?

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Custom email domains help elevate your brand and ensure that email notifications sent to your clients don't end up in the spam folder. If your website is, with a custom domain you can set up email notifications to be sent from The "notifications" part can be replaced with a term of your choice.

A subscription to a Professional, Advanced, or Supersonic plan is required to connect a custom email domain.


Setting up a custom email domain

  1. Navigate to Settings > Domains.
  2. Enter required information in the custom email domain section. 
  3. Log into your registrar and add the new records.
    1. Be sure to enter all records provided by us when entering your information. This includes 3 CNAME records, 1 MX record, and 1 TXT record. You may need to scroll down to see all of them.
    2. For the MX record, the 10 in the value is the priority. Some registrars have a separate column for this, and the value will be the rest of the record (beginning with feedback.smtp...)
    3. Please note that the Name column shown in Copilot may also be called Host, Host Name, or Alias depending on your DNS registrar. Similarly, the Value column is sometimes referred to as Data.
  4. Wait between 5 minutes and 72 hours for setup to be complete.

Wix users

If you're using Wix as your hosting provider, unfortunately they do not allow custom email domains for subdomains, meaning that connecting a custom email for a domain hosted by Wix is not possible.

You can find the explanation from Wix and and upvote the feature request in the Wix community here.

Custom web domains will still work with Wix, however! For instructions on how to set up a custom web domain, please see our article here.


Multiple custom email domains

If you have another MX record for a custom email domain elsewhere, your custom email domain will not connect. 

Google Workspaces MX records will not interfere with connecting a custom email domain with Copilot as they are tied to your base domain.


If you aren't sure if your records are correct, or if you are running into any issues with this setup please contact support


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