What is Copilot Dashboard?

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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Copilot Dashboard is where internal users can interact with clients, add Apps, and update settings for the client portal.

To access Copilot Dashboard, log in at at dashboard.copilot.com.

Within Copilot Dashboard you can...

  • View clients and edit their details
  • Communicate with clients via the Messages App
  • Share files with Clients in the Files App
  • Request eSignatures in the Files App
  • Create and assign forms in the Forms App
  • Create and edit articles in the Helpdesk App
  • Customize the client portal
  • Add and edit Partner Apps
  • Update personal and team settings
  • Preview the client experience
  • Switch between multiple portals

Clients will not be able to log in to Copilot Dashboard. Instead, they will log in to your client portal at yourcompany.copilot.app or your custom domain if you have one connected.

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