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Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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What’s changing?

Alongside our rebrand, we are launching a new authentication experience for internal users and clients.

We are separating the authentication experience into two domains: copilot.com for internal users, and {yourcompany}.copilot.app for clients.


When is this happening?

We will be releasing the new branding and authentication changes at 9 PM EST on Friday, January 13th. Please note that until then, none of the Copilot URLs will be functional.


Will I be logged out? What about my clients?

Yes, in order to make the switch, all internal users and clients will be logged out.


What happens to my old joinportal URL? What if I have a custom domain?

If an internal user goes to the joinportal URL or custom domain, they will be redirected to the client experience. To log in as an admin, you will need to go to copilot.com and log in from there.

If a client goes to the joinportal URL or custom domain, they will be redirected to {yourcompany}.copilot.app and be prompted to log in.

Custom domains will otherwise not be affected by this change.


Will my links still work?

Yes, any links referencing joinportal.com will continue to work. We do plan on deprecating this sometime in the future, so we recommend updating your links on any marketing sites or elsewhere to your new {yourcompany}.copilot.app URL. Custom domains will be unaffected for clients.


Where do my clients log in?

Clients will log in on your custom domain (just like before). If you didn't set up a custom domain, they will log in on {yourcompany}.copilot.app.


Where do I log in as an internal user?

Internal users will log in to Copilot Dashboard at copilot.com.


Can I still log in from joinportal.com? What about logging in from copilot.com?

joinportal.com will redirect to copilot.com. You can log in to the dashboard by clicking Log In at the top of copilot.com.


Can I log into copilot.app as an internal user?

No, your credentials will not work at {yourcompany}.copilot.app, you will need to go to Copilot Dashboard, copilot.com to log in as an internal user. You can preview the client experience directly from Copilot Dashboard.


Will all of my clients’ data still exist?

Yes, all clients and related data will be retained during the changeover.


Will I have to reconnect my Partner Apps?

No, all of your Partner Apps will be retained during the changeover.


What happens if my clients go to copilot.app instead of company.copilot.app?

If your client goes to copilot.app without the company subdomain, they will be redirected to copilot.com.


What if a client tries to log in to Copilot Dashboard?

Their credentials will be denied. Our intention is that clients are only familiar with {yourcompany}.copilot.app or your custom domain, copilot.com will not be advertised to any clients.


What happens to my custom domain?

Your custom domain will remain as-is and will be unaffected by the changeover.


What if I forgot the email address I use to log in to my portal?

Please reach out to support@copilot.com and include your former portal URL and we will help to restore your account.


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