How does the Helpdesk App work?

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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The Helpdesk App lets you create a repository of content for your clients. You can use it as a simple FAQ, help center, or even to create a video tutorial series.

Helpdesk main page

When you click on Helpdesk on the sidebar, you will see the main page which lists all articles on the left and a table of contents that is auto-generated based on tags on the right. Here you can drag and reorder both the articles themselves as well as tags in the table of contents to customize the experience. 

Create an article

On the editor page you can add a title for your article and add one or more tags. Tags are helpful for organizing your content.

In the article editor you can add rich text, attachments, images, videos, and embeds. If you type / you will a menu popup that gives you actions. 

Set up custom visibility rules

There are many reasons why you may want to surface different content to different clients. For this, you can set up custom visibility rules.

Client experience

Clients have a similar experience to internal users but only see the articles that they have access to. They also cannot create, edit, or organize content.

If you get a question from a client and already have a matching article, you can also copy the article URL and share it with the client directly.

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