How do I import many clients at once?

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To import a list of clients from another source, you first need to export a .csv file containing the list of clients from your source application.

Copilot requires 3 fields for each client:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

As long as you have these fields in your .csv file you will be able to import clients successfully.

If you don't have separate columns for first and last name, that's fine too! You'll be able to match on Full Name, and Copilot will automatically separate the name fields for you during the import. We'll explain how this works in the Match section below.

Note: Currently, there is a limit of 200 rows in the CSV file per upload.


Step 1: Import

Once you have your .csv file with your list of clients that meets the requirements above, you're ready to import.

Go to the Clients page and click the +New client button in the top-right. Select Import many clients from the dropdown.



You will be taken to the Import page. From here you can upload your .csv file by clicking Choose file or dragging and dropping your .csv.


Once you've uploaded your file, you will be taken to the Match step.


Step 2: Match

The match step will show a preview of each field in your .csv. You will want to match each field to the relevant property in Copilot.


Automatic matching on required fields

If your field titles are the same as the required fields, the fields will be automatically matched and shown as Mapped successfully.

  • For example, if you have a field titled First Name, this matches the required Copilot field, and all rows for that field will be automatically mapped to the First Name field in Copilot.


Automatic matching on custom fields

If you have additional fields in your .csv file and have set up corresponding custom fields in Copilot with the same titles, the rows that contain values for these fields should automatically match as well.

  • For example, we have a custom field set up in Copilot called Phone Number, and our .csv file also has a field called Phone Number. The phone number values will map automatically to the Phone Number custom field in Copilot:
  • Copilot_2023-01-03_at_3.37.20_PM.jpg


*Phone Number Formatting for Custom Fields

When importing clients and you have a Phone number custom field, the phone number will not be imported unless it is in the following format: +{country-code}{area-code}{number}

For example: +12123456789

If you cannot or do not want to change the formatting in your source file, the best way to import phone numbers is to add a text field and rename the field to Phone number. This will allow you to import your phone numbers as they are shown in your source file without any changes.


Manual matching on required fields

If you have fields that should map to the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Email) but the fields are named something else, you will need to manually match each field using the dropdown.

  • For example, if your .csv file has titles for first and last name but they are called Name and Surname, you will need to match the Name field to First Name, and the Surname field to Last Name.

What if I have I only have a field containing the full name of my clients?

If your .csv file does not have separate fields for first and last name, but you have a field containing the full name, you can match this field to the Full Name property in the dropdown, and Copilot will map the required First and Last Name fields automatically.



Manual matching on custom fields

If you have additional fields in your .csv file and do not have related custom fields set up in Copilot, you can choose to ignore mapping, select a field you want to map to from the dropdown, or create a new field from the dropdown:



Step 3: Preview

Once you have confirmed mapping for all of your fields, click Next in the top-right, and you'll be taken to the Preview page. Here, you will be able to preview a list of all of your imported clients to ensure all fields are matched correctly.

If everything looks correct, you can choose either Import only or Import and invite in the top-right. If you choose Import and invite, invite emails will automatically be sent to all new imported clients.

Once you click either import option, you'll be taken back to your Clients page and should see an alert in the bottom-right letting you know the import job has started successfully.


Viewing your imported clients

Note: Your imported clients will not automatically show in the Clients page after import, you will need to refresh the page to see your newly imported clients. We do this as a safety measure in case there is any unsaved work on the Clients page after the import has started.


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