How do custom fields work?

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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Custom fields are additional fields you can use to contain various types of information about your clients.

Adding custom fields

To add a new custom field, click on any client to open the User details panel.




Under Properties, click + Add a property. Select the type of property you wish to add. You can rename the property if you wish, or keep the name as-is, and click Save.




To add a value for a property, input the value next to the property and press Enter to save. You can also add values from the Clients page as explained in the section below.


Updating custom fields

To update custom fields, go to the Clients page. You will see all of the fields for your clients on this page. Note: You may need to scroll to the right if you have many fields.

Click the field in the client row you wish to update. Enter the value and press Enter to save:



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