Zapier Updates & Breaking Changes: Live as of June 6, 2023

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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We’ve made some major improvements to our API, which can be reviewed here. Due to these changes, we’ve also updated some of our Zapier triggers and actions to make setting up automations easier. Here’s a list of what changed:


Find a File Channel Action

The updates here make it easier to find file channels, and also to use a file channel ID from the File Created trigger to find a client or company!

The current Zapier template for setting up a default folder structure involves a step called Find a File Channel.

Previously, Find a File Channel accepted groupType along with memberId which ensured only one channel was returned.

Existing workflows will NOT error because memberId will be the same. However, groupType will be replaced with membershipType. When you go to your Zap you will see groupType separated in a section called Extra Fields and will be ignored.


For older Zaps using groupType, if a client exists in multiple channels (i.e. an individual client channel and a company channel), the first one returned will be used in the workflow.

This means that there is a possibility for older Zaps to add folders to a company channel instead of an individual channel, or vice-versa.


To avoid this problem, we recommend revisiting your Zap and ensuring that the correct membershipType is used (individual or company) and the correct memberId (client ID) is used.


New: Find a File Channel action can now accept a file channel id input that can be used to return a specific membershipEntityId that can be used to find a client or company.

The membershipEntityId is a client ID or a company ID for the entity the channel belongs to.


Form Response Completed Trigger

We’re happy to announce that this change makes it much easier for everyone to automate actions when a form response has been submitted!

Previously, this trigger would return a sample form response and would only work with an extra code step to make it work for a specific form.

If you have configured this trigger with a code step previously, the Zap will break. You’ll want to update your Copilot Zapier version to use the latest version.

New: You will now be able to input the form ID to the trigger, so that it is only triggered when a response is received for a specific form.


Custom Fields (Retrieve and Update)

We have improved our custom fields structure in our API which makes it easier to retrieve and update custom fields for your clients!

If you are using custom fields in your Zaps, the fields are still referenced by their ID behind the scenes, so we don’t anticipate this causing issues.

New: For Tags custom fields, we’ve now made it easier to find the tags you’d like to add to a client. Previously, tags were referenced by an ID, e.g. option-12345.... Now, you’ll be able to see the tags referenced by name in Zapier.

New: We’re introducing a new action, List Custom Field Options which you can use to find a tag by name. For example, this is great for finding a tag based on a response to a form!


We’re so excited to share these improvements, and they will enable our customers to automate even more actions in Copilot than ever before!

If you run into any issues or have questions, please feel free to contact

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