How do my clients connect a bank account for ACH payments?

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Allene Norton
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When a client goes to pay their invoice or add a payment method in their Settings, they will have the option to connect a bank account for ACH payments in addition to adding a credit card.


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There are 2 ways for you clients to connect a bank account to use for ACH payments:


1. Connect bank using Plaid

Plaid is the simplest way to connect a bank account. Plaid will accept the client's credentials they use to log into their online bank account and verify the connected account immediately.



2. Connect bank manually

If a client's bank does not support Plaid or they would rather verify their account manually, they will need to enter their name, account number, and routing number:


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Once they've entered their information, they will be take to their Settings > Payment methods page. This is where they will go to verify their account using microdeposit amounts sent from Stripe. IT will take 1-2 business days for the microdeposits to appear on the client's statement.

The microdeposits will have ACCTVERIFY in the statement descriptor.


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Once they've clicked Verify they will be shown the above pop-up. Stripe will deposit 2 amounts less than $1 USD  and the client will need to enter the exact amount of the microdeposits. 


Note: It is important that your clients are aware that a third transaction will appear as a withdrawal for the total amount of the microdeposits. For the example below, the client would enter $0.05 and $0.03 in the amounts inputs of the Verify account pop-up. They do not need to enter the negative (withdrawal) amount.


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Clients will have a maximum of 3 attempts for this verification. If you client exceeds the maximum number of attempts, please contact

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