What features are on the roadmap?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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Some of the priorities for our team over the next 18 months include:

  1. A native mobile app for iOS and Android. 
  2. A “Services Store” feature that lets you create one-time and recurring products that clients can purchase on their own.
  3. API enhancements. Our goal is to make all important actions and events accessible via our API (as well as via Zapier and Make).
  4. Customization enhancements. You'll be able to select from pre-built themes or make your own, customize copy in your portal and in email notifications, customize colors and fonts, and more.  
  5. Payment-related features including better support for international currencies, cash accounts that let you earn interest, buy-now-pay-later for your clients, and more.
  6. Analytics and reporting features that provide insights and trends about your client base.  

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