What are leads and assignees?

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Marlon Misra
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Leads and Assignees are columns on the Clients page that let you stay organized, especially as your internal team grows. On the Clients page, you'll see that each client has one lead and one or more assignees. 



The lead is the internal user primarily responsible for the client (for many organizations this is the Account Manager). Note the following about Leads:

  • If an internal user creates a client, they are initially set as the Lead.
  • If you have the Messages App enabled, the Lead is the internal user that sends the welcome message to clients the first time they log in.
  • Admins can change who the lead is for a client.
  • The Lead is always an assignee as well.



Assignees are the internal users that can see a client's information (name, email, message, files, invoices, etc.) and receive notifications related to the client's activity. An internal staff user that is not set as an assignee for a client cannot see the client at all on the Clients page. They first have to be set as an assignee by an internal admin user.

Note the following about Assignees:

  1. Admins are always set as assignees for all clients and this cannot be changed. In practice this means that Internal Admins can always see all clients.
  2. Internal Staff users by default are not set as assignees for any clients, so when they are first invited they may not see any clients on the Clients page. Internal Admin users have to explicitly go to the Clients page and assign the Staff user to clients. 
  3. Admins can change who the assignees are on a client.



On the Settings > General page, you can set a default lead and assignee. Defaults are used in two scenarios:

  1. When a client signs up directly.
  2. When an internal user is deleted and a different lead and assignee needs to be chosen for a client. 

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