How do you connect a custom domain?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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Custom domains help elevate your brand and make your clients feel secure when they are in your portal. If your website is, with a custom domain you can set up The "portal" subdomain can be replaced with a term of your choice (i.e.

In order to connect a custom domain you will need to subscribe to a Professional or Advanced plan. We recommend that you set up a custom domain before inviting all of your clients, otherwise they will need to log in again. 


I don't own a domain yet

We recommend you use Namecheap to purchase a domain. Domains typically cost <$10/yr.


I already have a domain

  1. Navigate to Settings > Domains.
  2. Enter required information.
  3. Log into your registrar and add the new records.
  4. Wait between 5 minutes and 24 hours for setup to be complete.

If you are running into any issues with this setup please contact support


Note: If you already have active clients and are connecting a custom domain, you don't need to worry about their transition experience. Once the domain setup is successful, old links will automatically redirect to your custom domain.

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