How can I customize my portal?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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There are a number of ways you can customize your portal.

Basic customizations

Navigate to the Customization page. The customizations set here are automatically used in various places, including within the portal itself, in email notifications, and in invoice PDFs. On this page you can: 

  1. Upload your logo icon. The icon needs to be square in shape (otherwise you will be prompted to crop it). This ensures we can render it nicely on all surfaces (small mobile screens, etc.). 
  2. Set your primary color. We recommend you use a dark color for the best result. Using this base color we automatically generate a number of accent colors for things like buttons, button hover states, etc.
  3. Set your login image. This is the image that will show on your portal login screen. 

Advanced customizations

  1. Set up a friendly welcome message. If you have the Messaging App enabled, new clients will receive a welcome message the first time they log in.
  2. Add Partner Apps. In addition to Portal's built-in Apps, there are thousands of Apps you can connect. 
  3. Customize your Apps. Disable Apps you don't need, reorder them based on importance, and update their names and icons. 
  4. Connect a custom domain. This feature lets you host your portal on your own website, creating a more familiar experience for your clients. 
  5. Connect a custom email domain. After setup, email notifications to your clients will come from your own email, reinforcing your brand and minimizing the chance the email notifications go to spam.
  6. Configure automations. Automations save you time and streamline the client experience. 


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