What's the difference between a client channel, a group channel, and a company channel?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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Channels are a concept we use for the Messages and Files Apps. They let you send messages or share files with an individual client, a group of clients, or a company (i.e. all clients associated with the company).

Creating channels

Note that if you have enabled companies then you can set your default channel type to be an individual channel or company channel

To create a new channel, click on the on the Messages or Files page. Then select one or more clients or select a company and submit. A new channel will be created. If the channel already exists, you will be redirected to it.


Channel types

Note that if you have disabled companies then you will only be able to to make use of client channels. You will not be able to use group channels or company channels.


Client channels

A client channel is a channel with just one single client (i.e. one individual with an email). Other clients cannot see it. 


Group channels

A group channel is a channel with two or more clients. Note that the clients in a group channel must be assigned to the same company. You cannot create a group channel with clients from multiple companies. 


Company channels

A company channel is a channel that includes all clients that are associated with the company. If the clients associated with a company change, the clients that can access a company channel also change. 

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