What is the difference between Local Extensions, Global Extensions, and Advanced Extensions?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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Extensions are ways of connecting apps into your portal (using embedding or external linking) so that your clients can access everything they need in one place. 


Local Extensions

A Local Extension is one that requires manual set up for each client, group of clients, or company. For example, if you are sharing a project status dashboard from Airtable, you will probably want to use a Local Extension because each clients would have their own project status dashboard.


Global Extensions

A Global Extension is visible to all of your clients and can be set up in a single step. For example, if you want all your clients to be able to schedule a call with you using Calendly, you will probably want to use a Global Extension. 


Advanced Extensions

An Advanced Extension is a web application that can be embedded into Portal that receives authentication information about the current user. If you've built a custom web app that you want to bring into your portal, you can use this feature to dynamically show different content to different clients. Programming experience is required for this type of Extension. You can learn more in our API documentation

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