How does the Messaging App work?

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The Messaging App lets you and your clients securely and seamlessly communicate with one another. To use the Messaging App, click on Messages in the sidebar. Here you will see all channels that you are part of. Select the channel you want and then you can see your message history and send messages. Alternatively, click on a client on the Clients page and then see only the message channels associated with the selected client. You can read message histories and send messages from here as well.

Sending message

Once on a message channel, enter your message and click Enter or click the Send button to send it. If you want to include a file in your message, you can click the file upload button or drag and drop any attachments into your message. 

Default messaging channel

You can change in your settings whether by default a new individual client channel or company channel is created. With company channels, they are visible to all associated clients.

Create a new channel

Sometimes you may want to create a new custom messaging channel. For example, you can message 2 clients at a company instead of everyone at the company. To do that click on the +, select New conversation, and enter the client names. When you submit a new channel is created with just the 2 recipients. For group messages such as these, all clients must be part of the same company, you cannot send a group message to clients assigned to different companies.

Note that there are individual client channels, group client channels with multiple clients, and company channels which include all clients associated with a company. 

Send a mass message

You can send a mass message if you want to send a message to many clients without creating a group conversation where the clients can see one another.

Welcome messages

When a new messaging channel is created, you’ll see that a welcome message is created. This is a message that is sent to clients the first time time they log in. You can customize this in your settings.


Messaging comes with product and email notifications.

Client experience

When clients log in for the first time they are greeted with the welcome message. From there, everything is the same as the internal experience. 


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