How does the Files App work?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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The Files App lets you and your clients securely share files, links, and folders with one another. To use the Files App, click on Files in the sidebar. Here you can see the full list of channels you have access to. You can also use the Files App by clicking on a client in the Clients page. Here you will only see the files channel associated with this client. 

Adding files, links, and folders

On a Files channel, click the New button to create a folder, upload a file or folder, or add a link. You can also drag and drop files directly. You can move folders into other folders if you want to nest your documents. 

Default files channel

You can change in your settings whether by default a new individual client channel or company channel is created. With company channels, they are visible to all associated clients.

Create a new channel

Sometimes you may want to create a new custom files channel. For example, if you want to share files with 2 clients at a company instead of everyone at the company. To do that click on the +, select New conversation, and enter the client names. When you submit a new channel is created with just the 2 recipients.

Note that there are individual client channels, group client channels with multiple clients, and company channels which include all clients associated with a company. 


Files comes with product and email notifications.

Advanced Settings

  1. Control if the Files App is always visible to clients or only if 1 or more files have been added.
  2. Control if clients can upload their own files.
  3. Control if clients can delete files.
  4. Control if clients can update folder structures or if you want to lock them.  

Client experience

When clients log in, they can see the exact same Files channel that is visible to you as an internal user. However, clients may have fewer permissions depending on your settings.

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