How does the Forms App work?

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The Forms App makes it easy to request various types of information from clients. To use the Forms App, click on Forms in the sidebar to see forms and assign them to clients. Alternatively, click on a client on the Clients page and select the Forms tab to see the same information specific to one client. 


Forms overview page

On the overview page you can see all forms you and your team have created. For each form you can see the name, creator, number of clients the form has been shared with, number of clients that have provided answers, the date of the latest response, and the creation date. 

If you click the action button () you can assign the form to clients, view the form details page, export the form, duplicate the form, and delete the form. 


Forms details page

On the Forms overview page, if you click on a form you can see the Forms details page. Here you can see a channel for each client that the form has been shared with. If you click on a channel you can see the details of the response. In addition, you can share the form with additional clients by clicking Share Form in the top-right. 


Create a form

To create a new form click + New form in the top-right of the Forms page. The Form configuration section will be the first section to complete, this is required.

Here you will add the form title, the description (optional), choose if the form should be available to all clients or specific clients, and choose whether or not you want to allow multiple submissions by the same client (always-on).


After filling out the Form configuration section, click the + icon to begin adding questions to your form.


Here you can give a title and description to the form and add one of 5 different types of questions:

  • Short answer gives clients a limited amount of characters to provide a text answer.
  • Long answer gives clients a large amount of characters to provide a text answer.
  • Multi select lets you provide a set of possible answers that the client can choose from, where the client can choose multiple options.
  • Single select lets you provide a set of possible answers that the client can choose from, where the client can choose only a single option.
  • File upload gives clients the ability to upload one or more files.

You can toggle whether or not a question is required, as well as delete a question, in the top of each question section.

In addition to the above questions, you can also choose to add a title card. A title card is a great way to split your form into sections. The title card requires a title, with an optional description.


Share a form

To share a form after it's been created, click on the specific form to go to the Form details view. From there, click Share form in the top-right to select which clients to send the form to.



Forms come with product and email notifications. Your internal team is notified when clients answer forms and clients are notified when there is a form request. 


Client experience

When clients log in, on the sidebar they will see Forms with a number beside the word that indicates how many form requests need to be completed. When they navigate to the page they will see a table of forms with an Answer button for forms that still require an answer, or a Fill out button if the form allows multiple submissions.


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