How can I create a subscription?

Marlon Misra
Marlon Misra
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To create a subscription, navigate to the Billing > Subscriptions page and click New. On the subscription creation page: 

  1. Select an individual client or company. If you select a company, any client associated with the company can view and pay the subscription and associated invoices. 
  2. Add one or more line items, each with a price and quantity.
  3. Optionally add taxes.
  4. Select a billing period. 
  5. Select the start date and the end date. 
  6. Specify if you want to auto-charge or notify the client to pay manually.
    1. If you select Automatically charge payment method, you may add a payment method on behalf of the client (note that this works for credit cards but not for ACH payment methods). If you do not add a payment method, the client is notified to add their payment method for the 1st invoice and will subsequently be auto-charged (this works for credit cards and ACH). 
    2. If you select Notify client to pay manually, the client will receive an email notification that notifies them about each invoice. If you select this option you can also set a due date. 
  7. Optionally add a memo.
  8. Optionally add attachments.
  9. In the Advanced settings section, you can also:
    1. Specify if you want to allow credit card payments, ACH payments, or both.
    2. Specify if you or your client pays for payment processing fees

In the top-right you can also click on Preview to get a preview of the client experience.

  1. If you selected Automatically charge payment method above, the preview will just show the invoice.
  2. If you selected Notify client to pay manually above, you can preview the client email notification, client checkout experience, and invoice.

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