How can I request an eSignature from a client?

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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Portal simplifies file sharing and eSignatures for both you and your clients!

Follow the steps below to request an eSignature from your client:

  1. Go to the Files tab in your sidebar.
  2. Select the client that will be signing the document to see their file channel.
  3. Click the +New button and select Upload file from the dropdown to upload the document that requires the signature. The file will appear in the file channel once the upload is complete.
  4. Click the action button (…) to the right of the file and select eSignature request. You will be taken to a preview of the document.
  5. Your Inputs: On the first page, you can drag and drop fields from the sidebar where your input (not the client’s) is needed anywhere in the document. If you only need input from your client, click Continue in the sidebar to skip this step.
    1. For example, if a document requires a signature from both you and your client, you would place a signature field where your signature is required in the document.
    2. You will be prompted to enter your input for a field when it is placed in the document.
  6. After placing and completing your fields, click Continue in the sidebar to add fields for your client.
  7. Client Inputs: Drag and drop fields from the sidebar anywhere in the document where input from your client is required.
  8. Click Continue in the sidebar after entering all required fields to review.
  9. Confirmation: The last step is to review the document to ensure all necessary fields have been placed. You can click the Back button in the sidebar (not the browser) to edit fields if necessary.
  10. Once you have confirmed all fields are correct, click Send, and an eSignature request will be sent to your client!

After sending the eSignature request, there will now be an orange indicator to the left of the file name. This indicates that an eSignature request has been sent but not yet completed (pending).

Once your client completes the eSignature request, you will receive an email notification and the indicator will turn green (completed).


To cancel a pending eSignature request, click the action button (…) to the right of the file and select Cancel eSignature request from the dropdown. The file will remain in the file channel, but the status indicator and all signature fields will be deleted.

You can download a file at any time by clicking the action button (…) and selecting Download.

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