What does it mean to absorb transaction fees?

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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You can choose to absorb transaction fees when creating an invoice or subscription. This option is located in Advanced Settings when creating the invoice or subscription:
You can also set a default for this option for all invoices in Settings > Billing:
Transaction fees vary based on your subscription plan for credit cards, and a $5 or 1% fee (whichever is lower) for ACH payments.


If Absorb transaction fees is ON:

➡️ There is no additional cost to the client, an invoice sent to a client for $100.00 will be displayed to the client as an invoice for $100.00.
➡️ Any fees for invoices made through Portal are handled through our platform and deducted from your payout from your connected Stripe or bank account.

If Absorb transaction fees is OFF:

➡️ There is an additional cost to the client, an invoice of $100.00 would be shown as the following based on your subscription plan:

Credit cards

Starter: $103.80 (3.5% + $0.30)
Professional: $103.50 (3.2% + $0.30)
Advanced: $103.40 (3.1% + $0.30)


$101.00 for all plans (ACH fees are $5 or 1%, whichever is lower, for all plans)
➡️ The fees paid by the client will be sent to us directly and there will not be a fee deduction from your payout.


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