How do you connect Calendly as an Extension?

Myles Dean
Myles Dean
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Make it easy to schedule time with your clients with Calendly directly from your portal. You can embed your scheduling page to make it easy for clients to schedule time with you, or embed a specific event you would like your clients to access.


Connecting Calendly

  1. Go to Modules & Extensions and click Add New in the top right corner.
  2. Click Add under Calendly
  3. Set a title and icon that represents the extension. For example, a scheduling page could be titled "Book a Meeting", or a specific event could be titled using the event title itself.
  4. We are going to set this as a Global Extension so that your Calendly will be visible to all clients. If you only want this extension to be visible to one or more specific clients, set this as a Local Extension.
  5. Go to your My Calendly page on
    • To create a scheduling page extension, right-click on the link under your username and copy it.
    • To create a specific event extension, click the Copy Link button under the event you wish to embed.
  6. Go back to the extension setup page and paste the copied link into the content box
  7. Scroll down to check the client preview, and if everything looks correct, click add.

Client Experience

    1. To check if the clients can view the extension properly, open an incognito window and login with a test client account. Click Here to learn how to set up a test client account.
    2. Once logged in, click the extension on the sidebar to preview the client view.

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