How do I create a global extension?

Allene Norton
Allene Norton
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To create a global extension, navigate to Portal > Modules and Extensions from the sidebar.

Select the type of extension you wish to add and you will be taken to the extension setup page. Global is set as the default extension type.



Here you can set the extension name and select an icon.

Next, decide whether you would like to connect as an embed or connect as a link.


Connecting as an embed (recommended):

Connecting an extension as an embed allows your clients to view the extension content directly within the portal.

For example, if you would like to add a Calendly extension so that your clients can make appointments through your portal, you can embed your link so that this is possible without your clients having to open Calendly in a separate tab in their browser:


Connecting as a link:

Connecting an extension as a link will create an external link to the extension in the clients' sidebar. When clicking on the extension from the sidebar as a client, the link will automatically open in an new tab in the browser.


Once you are finished, click Add in the top-right and the extension will now be visible in the sidebar for all clients.


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